Headquartered at the intersection of Marketing Ave. & Strategy St. (actually Los Alamitos, CA), MainBrain Creative is the business owner's solution to effectively marketing and advertising their business. Today's Internet is a grossly underutilized landscape of potential and possibilities, and MainBrain's mission is to assist and empower businesses to tap into the power contained therein. With a little bit of effort and a dash of creativity, any organization can increase their visibility by factors of thousands, if not millions, more eyeballs.

Founder Dean Woodward explains it this way:

"Gone are the days when business owners could get away with merely placing an ad in the Yellow Pages. Gone are the days when front desk personnel would throw together a newspaper ad using whatever word processing software was available. Gone are the days when it was enough to simply 'sign up' for social media accounts. What used to be an afterthought is now quite a mandate, and a labor-intensive one at that. There's no way a business owner should be expected to handle that on their own. It's a specialized task that requires specialized personnel -- not just any employee on your team. MainBrain Creative takes all of the guess work out of managing the peripherals of running your business.

We specialize in marketing your business so you can specialize in running your business."


With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, we've learned that the best view is an overview. MainBrain takes an objective look at your business and identifies the elements that are most attractive to your clients / customers. Then, we shine a great big shiny light on those elements! After that, we package those elements into interesting little nuggets that we strategically place all over the Internet.


Like painting a room, the most important part is the prep work. We'll start off by conducting a thorough audit of your entire web portfolio. We'll identify weaknesses, strengths, and strategic areas that are ripe for improvement. We'll keep you in the loop the whole way, too!

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Once we know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, we'll turn them all into strengths by using our creative brains! We're experts at turning negatives into positives, and positives into WOWs!

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Once your marketing content is created, it's time to let it shine! We always conduct a complete market analysis to target everyone that needs to see and hear your message, and then we execute! It's really easy; but also, it's really complicated -- that's why you hired us!

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“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

– Joe Chernov

At its core, marketing is about telling a compelling story that connects to people, interacts with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, and more able to get where they’d like to go. And that's what we do at MainBrain Creative.


We're easy to get ahold of and quick to respond. Why? Because most people aren't -- and we are aren't most people!

MainBrain Creative Headquarters


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Los Alamitos, California 90732
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